Dear Abortion Doctor – A Big Beautiful Birth Story (Part 4) A Boy Who Prays

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40 Days for Life kickoff walk from 72 Ransom to 320 Fulton
Isaac and Lily heading to the clinic to pray, taking part in the 40 Days for Life kickoff ceremony.

On the drive to the clinic the first morning of the 40 Days for Life 2015, my son Isaac, again, moved my heart for LIFE.

“Mom, we should pray every day. Can we pray every day?” he requested.

Have you ever been jarred back to all of the profound moments and words you have shared with just one sentence? This was that moment for me.

Being the child of a pro-love activist, part of a family on a mission to pray together for an abortion doctor by name,  Isaac had long been brainstorming possible solutions to abortion in his own heart and mind. He really wanted to find a way to convince the Doctor to stop choosing abortion.

Naturally, Isaac made no distinction between a pre-born baby and himself. Perhaps it is because he understands he is also small and dependent. He at one time had been afraid that the Doctor would kill him, or his little sister. I assured him that the Doctor and clinic workers only terminated the pre-born. I had to remind him of this repeatedly and also clarify that they won’t just grab any pregnant woman and terminate her baby.

I have always striven to address the difference of core beliefs that lead health care workers and women to an abortion decision in an accurate, compassionate way with my children.


“Why don’t the police stop the Doctor, and protect the babies and women? “ Isaac has asked. I have explained at length the legal state of abortion and the laws that abortion workers must adhere to, how people elected the judges who made the decision and that our country is divided on the issue. Even if the law enforcement wants to stop them, unless the doctors break a law, they can’t. The police would go to jail if they tried. It is the decree of the judges. The heart of our nation has to be changed before there will be justice for the pre-born. We are currently one nation under God with liberty and justice for all, except for one people group, our pre-born.

The dilemma of the Doctor is one Isaac continued to brew on. I always encouraged him with, “We need to pray. God loves the Doctor and God can change his heart.”

He has wondered aloud on more than one occasion, “Does the Doctor have any children?” To which I always reply, “I don’t know about this Doctor, but I do know that some abortion doctors do.” He finds it difficult to believe that a doctor who had a baby of their own and knew how precious they are could terminate one.

Baking Lily's 3th birthday cake
The children bake a cake to celebrate Lily’s third birthday.

One day Isaac was sitting in his car seat, riding along the expressway. Suddenly he says, “I have to build a time machine.”

“What do you mean, Isaac? Why?”

“Because I just have to make him remember being a boy.”

“Oh! You mean for the Doctor, right?”


“That makes sense.”

It dawned on me that he didn’t believe the Doctor would terminate babies if he could remember being little. Isaac didn’t understand that his big idea was a science fiction dream. He honestly believed he could build the time machine.

“I wish we could, that’s a great idea, honey. Even if we had a time machine how would you get the doctor to go in it? You know the Doctor has his own choice to make. We have someone who is much greater than a time machine, Jesus. He cares for the Doctor. Let’s keep praying okay?”

I remember the time Isaac came to me when he was five years old, his clear blue eyes pierced mine as he said with solemn determination. “I know what I have to do.”

“What do you mean Isaac?” I asked.

The next thing he said is something I will not repeat, something he doesn’t remember saying.

Hot tears filled my eyes. I knew that he had already tried to think of a million ways to protect the babies. The most nonviolent, loving child, was resolute, like a man going to war. How could he have concluded this?!

Love for life had led him to a grave mistake. He realized there was already a war being waged. He was thinking in purely human terms. Didn’t it seem like justice to stop the Doctor from terminating innocent lives? Wasn’t this simple math? One life for many?

The explanation for why this fatalistic approach to stopping abortions from taking place is wrong can be found deeply rooted throughout all Scripture. It lies within who we are as human beings, and who God is.

“No Isaac,” I said, “I understand you want to save lives, saving lives is a noble aim. But killing is not the way. Other grownups have actually done exactly what you said. They have killed abortionists. They even claimed they did it for Jesus.”

His eyes grew wide, “They did?”

“Yes, and they were wrong. We know this because of Jesus. He lived and died to show us the path of life. Never forget that we were once God’s enemies, who didn’t deserve life, but God didn’t kill us, he invited us to live by dying in our place so we could be forgiven. We are called to be like Jesus. Isaac, praying is enough. We need to continue to pray for the Doctor.”

And pray he did, and pray he does, more fervently than I. From the time Isaac was four he has remembered the Dr. by name at the end of almost every prayer. I didn’t give him the words, he chose them on his own and I haven’t forbid it.

“And help the Doctor to stop killin babies!” He chimes.

It was this boy who sought God so faithfully for the Doctor that was urging me onward. “Mom, we should pray every day. Can we pray every day?”

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