Dear Abortion Doctor – A Big, Beautiful Birth Story (Part 5) A Sleepy Disciple Says YES

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It was this boy who sought God so faithfully for the Doctor that was urging me onward. “Mom, we should pray every day. Can we pray every day?”

All of the reasons going to the abortion clinic every day seemed impossible, crazy exhausting (especially now that I was pregnant) and unreasonable flooded my mind, yet I didn’t want to discourage Isaac’s eager heart.

I knew he understood prayer was greatest action we could take, so I replied, “Well, that’s a great idea. I’m not sure if we will be able to pray EVERY day, but we should try shouldn’t we?”

As I sat with this prompting, I was thinking how this would look and sound to the outside world, “I take my children to the abortion clinic every morning and pray first thing every day!”  ummmmm yeah.

But there are a lot of things God calls people of faith to do that seem strange to an unbelieving world.

I thought about Jonah’s refusal to go to Ninevah. That didn’t end well.

I pondered the disciples in the garden who fell asleep while Christ prayed the night he was taken captive … I thought of my precious Savior who took up a cross humbling himself unto death for me. That wasn’t easy.

Sleepy Disciple 40 Days for Life

I struggled with human weakness like a sleepy disciple. I liked to snuggle under blankets with my children in the morning. I would get a slow start with a cup of sweetened coffee. Then read to them and play with them, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But God was calling me out of that and into something new. This wasn’t about me, it was about Him. It is always about Him, and I didn’t want to miss whatever it was that He had in store, for me, and for the clinic.



40 days sounded like a very long time. But what example would I be setting for Isaac if I refused? With that, I promised Isaac and the Lord that I would at least try, and I put it back in God’s lap. “Lord, if you want me to do this you must give me the strength.”

At the sidewalk the first morning things went well. This was something I could do! Every excuse or reason to say that this would be too much or too hard or too weird was obliterated by the devastation abortion effects in our world, obliterated by faith in God who promised to respond to the prayers of his people.

That was the beginning of a very long 40 Days.


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We greeted the abortion doctor this morning as he pulled into the parking lot. He paused nearly stopping his car to take in the sight of Isaac, Lily, Buttercup and I smiling at him. I was enthusiastically waving with a small heart. Then, as if he figured us out, he accelerated and continued on his way in to work.

How pleased we were to find that another mom from Olivia’s (my daughter’s) school was there with her toddler in tow. The little two year old folded her hands, “Let’s pray.” She said to her mom. Her mother led her and we joined by folding our hands as well. “Jesus, please keep the baby’s safe. Amen.” She babbled out the short prayer. Then, “Again!” she said. We all repeated.

As we drove away I thanked the Lord, out loud, that we were able to greet the doctor.

“Mom,” Isaac asked, “Tell me why again. Why doesn’t He understand that the baby’s heart in there is the same as a baby’s that has been born? Why does he break them? Doesn’t he know that it’s the same as my heart, or a grownups?”

“What have I told you before? Isaac, why do you think he can do that?” (We have had this conversation many times and he still can’t accept the answers. I understand completely.)

“They are small and they can’t fight back or speak.” He answers.

“You’re right, that is a big part of the reason this is allowed to happen legally. But remember how we talked about how he may believe he’s helping someone? Where are the babies? They are in someone else’s body aren’t they.”


“Remember some people believe that a woman should not have to share her body with a baby if they don’t want to. So they believe they are doing the right thing to kill the baby and take it out if she wants it out, or else she may get hurt trying to do that herself.”

Isaac responds quickly, “Yeah, but it’s HER baby! Doesn’t she know that it has feelings? The baby can feel that. Why would she do that?!”

“I know. It’s so very sad isn’t it? I believe it’s because most of the time her heart has been so wounded already that she can’t imagine how she could continue to live if the baby lives. Sometimes her baby doesn’t fit into her plans of work or school. She doesn’t know how to choose life because there is no one to help her. That is why we pray. That’s why we stand there to let her know there is someone to help if she changes her mind. We pray for the Doctor to choose a new way to “help” women one that nurtures life, a way of peace.”

Moist eyes. We cannot support the choice, but we can compassionately understand the rational that leads to abortion. We are all human. We need to take time to sit with the real tragedy existing in our culture that leads a woman to believe that fetal homicide is a loving kindness to future and living siblings, the only path to supporting herself financially, the only way to salvage a romantic relationship, the violence necessary to escape abuse, that a “pregnancy” is a punishment and the baby a curse instead of a gift… the list goes on.

And even after there is unending hope in Jesus.

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“I really don’t want to be here, and I don’t want to even participate in one more abortion.” Shelley Guillory




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