Dear Abortion Doctor – A Big, Beautiful Birth Story (Introduction)

Abortion Clinic and Pro-Life Advocacy
These two pro-life individuals are not associated and stand with a differing opinion on how to end abortion, and help women.

I’m preparing to unpack a journey that I have been holding on to for years, and it was many more years ago that it started unfolding. It’s a story of a fight for LIFE that I’m still in the middle of. It’s a fight we are all in the middle of whether we realize it or not.

Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, I want you to understand completely why I head down to the local abortion clinic in my city, Heritage Clinic for Women.

I have been uncomfortable. Sharing this spectacle of love is uncomfortable. How unpopular it has become to proselytize! But it is a matter of life and death.

I will reach out to others as my Savior has reached out his hand to me.

I hope beyond all hopes that it doesn’t turn the hearts of those I have sought with prayers and tears further away from LIFE, but that is out of my hands.

It was never in my hands to begin with.

I have to press forward, walking in faith, by taking the next step, a public step.

I will cry out for others to join the efforts, cry out so that other clinic workers and abortion doctors can hear what I have heard and see what I have seen, the faithfulness and kindness of the Divine Physician.

Kindness, so shocking big and beautiful, beyond anything I could imagine. I falter in adequately demonstrating this love. So great is his heart for all his hands have made.

It is only one side of the journey I am sharing (although a few publicly known facts, barring names, are included).

It is my side.

Heritage Clinic for Womem
This is the beginning of our outreach outside Heritage Clinic for Women, in Grand Rapids, MI. We came to take part in the 40 Days for Life, praying to end abortion.

This journey is so personal, at the same time it has nothing to do with me. I will share in the spirit of respect for the inherent value of every human life. My intentions are not to target or shame, only to bring what is hidden into the light, so captives can be set free.

The Divine Physician has captured me.


Part 1, A Returned Gift: Click Here


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