Dreaming About Abortion Dream Series (Part 1)

The Axe. The Window. The Board. by Melissa Yeomans
“Come with me into my dreams, To see and touch forbidden things …”

The Axe. The Window. The Board. 

Three Dreams Three Poems Three Ponderings
Part 1 of Dream Series by Melissa Yeomans
Illustrations by Amy Sun Hee(Complete eBook Available)



Come with me into my dreams

To see and touch forbidden things,

To look beyond the cold brick wall.

The cries though muffled, beckon, call.

Remember that they are just dreams,

And yet they carry precious things.

Our hearts rend open with the thoughts,

Of how, why, and at what cost?


It’s as if they’re begging me.

A question now the dreams do bring,

They cry out why, oh why,

Abortion thrives while mothers cry?
So I’m asking,

Dare you try?

To walk with me through dreams …

Part 2: The Axe

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