9 Months to Overdue (Part 15) Dear Abortion Doctor – A Big, Beautiful Birth Story

We had been been swept up in an overwhelming love story. My baby and I had stood in a place to testify to that truth and it had washed over us. My heart longed to hold in my hands the hope I had held in my heart, to lay eyes on the gift the Lord had knit together in love for our family. Yet, I knew the most painfully beautiful challenge was ahead for us both. Giving birth for me. Being born for him.

“Hearts” All In / Part 1 of A Long 40 Days

40 Days for Life is an organized prayer movement, mobilizing God’s people to storm heavens gates in unity. In over 273 cities, in 23 countries, (in some locations biannually), believers are responding to abortion by seeking God’s face, fasting and showing up outside the places where death intentionally invades the womb to end life, local … Continue reading “Hearts” All In / Part 1 of A Long 40 Days